Support for Screenwriters

Basic Script Coverage

$150 for features / $95 for TV pilots

Get an honest reader impression of your script that includes a logline, a Pass/Consider/Recommend grade, short summary, and general comments about the screenplay as it relates to current trends in the industry. This coverage mirrors the initial evaluation that a screenplay typically receives upon submission to a production company. Standard turnaround is 5 business days. Rush service available.

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Story Analysis & Development Notes

$400 for features / $250 for TV pilots

Also known as “development coverage” or “studio notes,” this more intensive screenplay coverage service provides a detailed critique of your script's style and substance. The written report includes a logline, 2-3 page synopsis, and in-depth analysis of the work's strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for possible development. Notes will address the structure, premise, plot, characters, dialogue, writing style, and any recurring formatting issues. Typical turnaround is two weeks.

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Script Proofreading

$175 (or add to any coverage service for $105)

Ready to hit send on that query? Get one last sanity check with this basic formatting, grammar, and spelling review to ensure that your script meets industry standards. Scripts will be returned with marked changes and notes addressing any recurring issues. Standard turnaround is 5 business days. Rush service available.

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Script Polishing

Price Varies

The Story Mechanic will give your screenplay that special shine with a line edit that modifies the language of your script to enhance style, streamline prose and action, and rephrase on-the-nose dialogue, without making significant changes to the story, characterizations, or structure of the screenplay. Americanization and ESL polishes also available. Pricing and delivery estimates are based on the anticipated time requirements of the project. Please include a representative sample of you work (at least 10 pages) when requesting an estimate. In many cases, I will request the full script to ensure an accurate quote.

Note: This is intended to be a language-only polish of the final draft of your script. Looking for help with a rewrite of the story itself? Check out Covered Care.

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