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First Impression Package

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As much as we hate to admit it, people DO judge a book by its cover.  While good writing may help your work stand the test of time, getting readers to actually pick up your book in the first place is the most important hurdle to clear when starting out as an indie author. The truth is that your book cover and blurb are your most powerful tools for connecting with your target audience. So why leave anything to chance? Get the industry insider info you need to optimize your book’s presentation and launch your book to success:

  • Get help with genre research to identify your book’s ideal positioning within the marketplace
  • Connect with professional book cover designers to explore pre-made covers or commission a custom cover that resonates with the fans of your genre
  • Workshop your blurb and back cover description to showcase your work and immediately hook potential readers
  • Optimize your book’s front and back matter to increase read-through and build your fanbase

…and more.

Price estimates are based on the level of support you need. A la carte services available. Sign up for a free consultation to discuss your project!

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