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What People Are Saying...

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If you want the smartest and best editor/story mechanic available in the known universe, K.C. is your person. My book would not be what it is without her. She helped me shape it to the best it could be. Hiring K.C. is an easy decision! 

~ Patti Williams, Author of The Sound of My Soul

KC is a Godsend with a Jedi level skillset. My writing is designed to unlock minds. The psychology, syntax, brevity and assimilability factors are all ridiculously complex and demanding. Over and over again, KC finds way to make what seems impossible work. Can not imagine life without her guidance. She also helped my friend get his first ever book published. He called her a miracle worker.

~ Rif Parks, Founder of Kungflow

I loved the development notes I got from the Story Mechanic. They were extremely helpful pinpointing how to elevate my script. Very, very useful!

~ Pamela Heath, Screenwriter