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I am currently booking editing jobs for July 2020. If you are seeking an editing price and delivery quote, please make sure to include all of the requested information. Materials can be sent directly to

Every project is unique, and quotes are based on the estimated work hours it will take to get your draft ready for marketing or self-publishing. To ensure an accurate quote, include genre, word count/length, any special considerations or deadline requests, type of service requested (in detail), and a representative sample of your work.

  • For novels, submitting the full manuscript is ideal; at a minimum, I'll need the first chapter plus a 2000 word sample from the middle of the manuscript.
  • For screenplays, please include at least 10 script pages. Often I will end up requesting the full script to ensure an accurate quote, depending on service requested.

Making sure we are a good fit for each other is crucial to a pleasant and effective development process. Along with your quote, I will provide a FREE sample edit of the first chapter (up to 500 words) or 3 script pages to give you an idea of my editing style.