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Remember that kid on the playground who always got hit with the ball because her nose was buried deep in a book? Yeah, that was me. My love of story is one of the first things I remember about myself, and it’s something I’m grateful that I never grew out of. 

Over the years, I’ve read hundreds of stories and worked with writers around the world. While trends change and new forms of media emerge, one thing remains true: At their core, stories exist to transmit an experience. To make our hearts race, or ache. To bring a smile to our lips, or plant questions in our minds. But how are these feelings created from just words on a page? Why do you remember some stories for years, while others evaporate from your mind as soon as you close the cover or drive away from the theater? This is where story mechanics come in — using structure and writing style to harness your storytelling potential and shape your ideas into powerful works that will resonate and entertain across time.

During my time as a developmental editor and professional Hollywood script analyst, I’ve been constantly exposed to the works that are headed into production from major studios and production companies around the world. This inside look into what’s selling and what “producible” scripts actually look like across different genres and budget ranges is the intel you need to succeed in an increasingly saturated industry. Whether your goal is to touch, teach, or simply to entertain, I want to use my knowledge and experience to help you bring forth your best story and style it for success. We’ve all got stories to tell; I can’t wait to read yours!

Write on!

KC Moffatt,
The Story Mechanic

2 thoughts on “Meet the Mechanic

  1. Ryan says:

    KC has been advising me on a very challenging new kind of game/story.

    I am incredibly grateful for her laser sharp insights into what the reader is thinking. Time and time again, her suggestions prove to be accurate. I just can’t recommend her enough.

    Btw, she didn’t ask me to write this testimonial, I wrote it because I’m extremely grateful for her help.

  2. Barbara Kingsley says:

    KC Moffatt is a writer’s dream. Whether asking the right question to spur writer’s block or challenging the meta level of the creation, Ms Moffatt knows her stuff. I trust her judgment and editorial craftsmanship.

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