The Story Mechanic presents Writers Playhouse

What is Writers Playhouse?

When did the writing you used to love become work to be procrastinated? We’ve all been there at some point in our creative careers — the real trick is getting out of the hole and back into that effortless flow.

Writers Playhouse is where you can reignite that creative spark and turn all the work into play.

It’s a co-created space where writers can come together to connect on a deeper level, support each other, find inspiration, and, most importantly, make writing fun again!

In addition to fostering an online community, Writers Playhouse will offer low-cost virtual playshops featuring writer improv games, hypnotic journeys, and other creative skill-enhancing activities for small groups of players.

Mind Games Beta is already underway! Sign up below to be notified of waitlist openings, shiny new opportunities, and exclusive VIP access to Writers Playhouse events.


Mind Games - Players Group BETA

Thank you to all who responded! The Mind Games beta teams are hard at play and new playshop opportunities will be announced soon. This series focuses on using improvisational games to tap into the creative powers of the unconscious mind so you can have a fun, fulfilling writing experience anytime you choose.

Over six weeks, Mind Games: Instant Creativity Boosters for Writers explores the following topics through weekly 90-minute collaborative playshop sessions:
  • Strange New World - Co-creating with your unconscious mind
  • Just Go With It - Breaking through creative blocks with spontaneous storytelling
  • Balderdash - Stretching your imagination with unreality
  • Sense-ational Storytelling - Enriching experiences with sensory details
  • Wise & Otherwise - Thinking in metaphor
  • Shapeshifting - Playing with identity and perspective

If you’re currently looking to clear a creative obstacle, spice up your text life, or learn more about how your mind works, this series is for you.

Important Info for Beta Players:

  • Mind Games is designed to be an interactive play group! Though we will have some time set aside for discussion and theory, the bulk of each session will be spent engaged in active gameplay. No spectators on this one. If you sign up, be prepared to fully participate as a player!
  • Technical Requirements: Video meetings will take place over ZOOM, so you will need the app and a device with a camera and microphone. Using headphones and connecting from a computer are strongly recommended to reduce technical issues that affect participation. Bring paper and pencil, and make sure you’re joining from a location that allows you to let go of any self-consciousness and feel comfortable being silly.
  • Group sizes are small to enhance the player experience. Please make sure you can commit to attending all six sessions in the series. If you can’t make all the gatherings, please leave the beta spot for someone who can. There will be future opportunities!

Team Rapscallion

Meets weekly on Tuesdays at 5pm - 6:30pm Pacific Time for 6 sessions running from September 3 - October 8, 2019.

Team Scalawag

Meets weekly on Wednesdays at 10am - 11:30am Pacific Time for 6 sessions running from September 4 - October 9, 2019.